Urban Analogies

'Many years of creating urban art in a manner that does not cover, but instead involves the visual narrative of wall surfaces, led me to the URBAN ANALOGIES series. I decided to create new pieces that were coherent and symbiotic to my other work by removing old interior wall surfaces from abandoned buildings and transferring those textures onto wood panels. After three years of research and testing, the transfer process was perfected. Each uniquely textured surface used in this body of work is at least 150 years old.

The URBAN ANALOGIES series is a cohesive parallel direction to the large scale identity series murals that I begun creating in Spain in 2002. In the URBAN ANALOGIES series I focus on fragments of faces from people that are close to me. The significance of this work lies upon the importance given to the weathered and worn urban surfaces for their intrinsic value. While most walls surfaces touched by a restoration technique have some kind of tangible historic importance (frescos or murals) in URBAN ANALOGIES I am giving importance to these commonplace textures for the intangible memory that they possess and the passage of time that they portray.'

Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada