Exhibition History

2014 – Out of Many, One, commissioned work for the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery Museum in Washington DC.
Barcelona Reset Mural, Barcelona Spain.
Raw Art Fair Rotterdam with St. Art. Gallery.
Art Madrid Art Fair with N2 Gallery.
KunstRai Art Fair Amsterdam with St. Art. Gallery.
Grounding Gratitude InSitu Art Festival, Fort d´Aubervilliers, Paris.

2013 – Solo Exhibition, MathGoth Gallery, Paris.
WISH terrestrial project for the Belfast Festival at Queens.
AvantGarde Urbano group exhibition at the Munoz Sola Museum Tudela de Navarra.
Curator/Avant-Garde Urbano 4th edition, Tudela Spain.
Mural project with MathGoth gallery in Paris.
Identity Composite Project atv skid plates / The Face of Granada, citywide project and Solo exhibition celebrating the 1000 years of the Alhambra, Raw Art Fair with the St.Art Gallery, Rotterdam.

2012 – Terrestrial Series / urban land art project for Mama Cash, Amsterdam.
Solo Exhibition at the Moniker Art Fair, London.
Terrestrial Series/ urban land art project for the Cano Assoc. Barcelona Curator/Avant-Garde Urbano 3rd edition, Tudela de Navarra Spain.
The Banger Art Show with the Nelly Duff Gallery in London.
Al Riwaq Art Space mural project, Manama Bahrain.
Mural project in Colegiales with HIC Gallery, Buenos Aires.

2011 – Solo exhibition at Galería Ignacio de Lassaletta Curator/Avant-Garde Urbano 2nd edition, Tudela de Navarra Spain.
Smart Urban Stage for E.M.T.B. Bennedetta Tagliabue, Barcelona Spain Conference at the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya in Barcelona.

2010 – Curator/Avant-Garde Urbano 1st edition ,Tudela de Navarra Spain.
Solo exhibition, N2 Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.
Terrestrial Series / land art project, for 350.org, Delta del Ebro Spain Identity Composite Project atv skid plates / Identitat(s), Badalona, Spain.
Seres Queridos, Marco Museum, Monterrey, Mexico.

2009 – Solo exhibition and mural project for M.O.T.A., Ljubljana, Slovenia Observatori 2009, After the Revolution, Valencia, Spain.
Identity, three person exhibition, Andipa Gallery, Knightsbridge London.

2008 – Identity Composite Project atv skid plates /, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain.
Expectation, Forum de las Culturas, Barcelona, Spain.
Interferencia Sur, Granada, Spain.

2007 – Variaciones Cartográficas, Centro Montehermoso, Vitoria, Spain.
A Conquista do Espaco, SESC Pinheiros, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Mitgeres, Museo Drassanes Reials de Barcelona, Spain.

2006 – BAC Festival internacional de Arte Contemporaneo, CCCB, Barcelona, Spain.
La Identidad de la Memoria colectiva, Palacio del Marqués de San Adrián, Tudela, Spain.
Madrid/Procesos/Redes, Sala del Águila, Madrid, Spain.
Interferencia Street Art Festival, Barcelona, Spain.